Improved integration between Post Master and eConnect

eConnect is a fantastic tool from Mircosoft that allows external integration of information into Dynamics GP. For all of the positive features of eConnect, there is one small design issue with the product that until now needed to be carefully managed when using an automatic posting tool like Post Master.

If while integrating a large quantity of transactions, an operator posts a batch, eConnect will continue to add transaction to the batch even as the batch is being posted. The end result will be transactions existing in the batch prior to posting commencing will be posted however any transaction added to the batch during the posting process will remain unposted.

Recent changes to Post Master’s auto post features have been designed to better handle this situation. Once Post Master has finished processing a batch, if it detects transactions were added to the batch while posting, it will repost that batch during the next posting cycle.

This means Post Master will now work seamless with 3rd party integration tools such as Scribe and SalesPad that rely on eConnect to push data into GP.