eInvoicing FOR DYNAMICS GP Fast track your document exchange

Automated electronic exchange and processing of invoices between buyers and sellers

Many countries are making the transition to mandatory exchange of buyer-consumer documents through the eInvoicing framework to eliminate the risk of human error within data entry at both the sending and receiving end of the invoice cycle. This push towards the future of eInvoicing holds many benefits and with our Dynamics GP web connector, sending your documents to consumers and suppliers has never been simpler. Our product allows users the capacity to send and receive invoices directly from and into the PEPPOL network whilst simultaneously formatting the information correctly at each stage of process, allowing for automated data entry within your Dynamics GP system and your client's or supplier's accounting software.

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BENEFITS OF eInvoicing
Achieve automation of invoice exchange instead of completing time-consuming task involved in manually sending and receiving documents.
Eliminate the need for data entry whilst achieving more accuracy in reporting business activity.
Guarantee that clients and suppliers will receive invoices without the risk of interference between email or mail exchange
Interpret information from received invoices and automatically enter data within you own system, eliminating errors in invoice scanning systems