POST MASTER FOR DYNAMICS GP Automate the Dynamics GP posting process

Eliminate repetitive posting tasks with automatic batch posting

Post Master is a unique Dynamics GP add on that eliminates the users need to complete repetitive posting tasks, increasing work flow and improving functionality.

With the ability to post up to 9 batches simultaneously our product allows users complete control over the final stages of an integration process. Simplify your scheduling process with the option of after hours processing, freeing up system resources at critical times of your business operations.

Start your free trial and take the first step to turbo charging your business operations with our Dynamics GP auto post solution.

To find out more about Post Master, contact us and request a FREE TRIAL version.

Post Master runs as a windows service and does not require it's own Dynamics GP user license
Post batches at an optimal speed by running multiple instances at the same time
Run Post Master as a background service. Eliminate the need for time consuming system reboots as the product only requires one setup